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Author Topic: Server's Guide  (Read 141 times)

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Server's Guide
« on: November 15, 2017, 08:38:36 PM »

Human Team

Your objective is to clear all the checkpoints that provides ammo and health, they?re scattered in  Los Santos and Red Country.

Defend yourself from the zombie team, increase your posibilites to survive teaming up with other humans.

You can search objects(meds,dizzys,fuel,oil) in some interiors in the map, use C key, when a text appears.

Search interiors:
Groove street, Crack den, docks/glen park house, maria beach/verona beach house, Burgershot, Well stacked pizza co., Clukin' bell, Ammu-nation, 24/7, Alhambra, The pig pen, closet, Gang house, Colonel Furhberger's, Off track betting shop,blueberry apartment.

Press Y key to open your inventory and use your ?tems.

Press N key to see your perks.

Zombie Team

Your objective is to infect the humans and won?t  let them clear the all the checkpoints.

Use Right click to bite and Space key to infect inside a vehicle.

Use the teleports marked in the map to move faster through it.

Press N key to see your perks.

Server's map

Red Star: Checkpoints
Purple Star: Zombie's teleports