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TITLE : How To Study In Medical School

Time is of the essence also you should be careful with taking advice from people who have always done well correlation causation take care that some people are simply better at memorizinglearning or using more time than you including prior knowledge but using less than optimal strategiesstudents in medical school often feel overwhelmed by the excessive amount of factual knowledge they are obliged to learn although a large body of research on effective learning methods is published scientifically based learning strategies are not a standard part of the curriculum in medical schoola medical school is a tertiary educational institution or part of such an institution that teaches medicine and awards a professional degree for physicians and surgeonsin an older post i wrote a little bit about my search for efficient study tools for medical school and how i eventually discovered anki and onenotestudying in medical school is the hardest in the beginning of each class for me the beginning of each class is the month of august the beginning of first year and second year

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